And so it begins…

This time two weeks ago, I was headed to the beach.  It was a trip that my friends and I had planned months before and I was looking forward to the down time after a long school year.  In my mind, it was going to be a week of sea, sand, and friendship.  And it was.  What I did not anticipate, though, was the shift that would be created in my mind.  The shift toward a change.  And I don’t mean just a small change.  I mean a pack-up-your-life-and-get-out-of-dodge change.  I have lived in Indiana my entire life with the exception of a 6-month period of time spent in Seattle proving to my family (or maybe just myself) that I was capable of functioning completely on my own.  But that is not what is driving this change.  What is driving this change is all that has happened the last 13-years.  The story is long and, honestly, quite painful in many places so I will do my best to lay it out over the course of time.  For now, however, I hope that you will follow me on this road to rebuilding my life…Pensacola-Beach-33745

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